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I'm Alisha and I turned a quarter of a century this year! I started this blog to keep track of all of the furniture I was painting and repainting in my spare time as a stay at home mom. I believe you should love your home, love your stuff, and that paint fixes everything. My Honeypie helps me with the dirty work (aka the "hard stuff" that I'm too lazy to do. Like fixing drawers), and our baby is just awesome all the time. 

Why did I choose the name Beatnik Barn? For one, because we have a barn. And it looks like this: 

I'm pretty sure I've never seen a barn like it. For two, a "beatnik" is a person who rejects or avoids conventional behavior, dress, etc...that would be me! And quite possibly you. 

See more here: our other blog to see work on our 100 year old Victorian-esque farmhouse:

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