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Friday, October 5, 2012

I Heart Unicorns

We have a mascot! Is that "normal" for a blog? No, but we don't care. 

I have been wanting to create a "button" for the blog (I think blog buttons are totes adorable), but I couldn't come up with anything I loved/made sense/is beatnik worthy. 

Until I saw this:

And I thought to myself, "Self! That I love. That makes sense. That is it. Thus, the Beatnik Barn Unicorn was born. 
We need help thinking of a name for it. Leave your name suggestions in the comment box below!

If you heart unicorns too, grab our button; you can either use the text in the box below, or the one in the side bar. It doesn't make a difference!

Thanks for reading :)



  1. Beatrice the Beatnik Barn Unicorn

    Collin, Vivian, Germian, Jaquaine, Sydney, Ryder....boy or girl?

    1. Hahaha Beatrice! I haven't decided if it's a boy or a girl yet. But I like Vivian and Beatrice.

  2. Only GREAT friends will sit and name your unicorn with you. Love Selena.


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