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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blue and Lime

A chair, a chair! 

Hold on. Look to the right. There is a little, tiny poll. Not pole. Go ahead and vote! 

Here I have a wicker back chair from part of the Sunday Sneak Peek this week...and it turns out I only have one before picture from my phone. So here it goes: 


The best part is that I got the green vinyl for 50% off as a remnant! Yay! The worst part is that I have somehow misplaced the screws for the seat...which means I have to make a trip to get some. Ugh. 

Also, check out this awesome preview which was not on the sneak peek this week:

I'm so excited about it I can't hold still!


  1. Wonderful! I love it! I have that stencil in my pantry.

    1. Thanks! I saw the same stencil somewhere in mom's studio too! We must be related :)


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