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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The Fall Festival this past weekend was a lot of fun! Thanks to everyone who stopped by! 

We even sold a few pieces; the pink and white chevron dresser, blue end table,bench, and a yellow mirror I painted at the last minute.

myself and My Honeypie

My little sis took this awesome picture of my babe
playing momma
At the last minute I also finished these end tables. I super love them! You can see them in the pictures from the festival.

I wasn’t able to get a “cute” picture of them before the festival, but you get the idea.
I planned to sand and re-stain the top. I used Mini-Wax dark walnut stain and just followed the directions on the can.

Unfortunately, I didn’t wear gloves because I’m too lazy to buy some/I forget, and my hands looked habitually dirty for the next two or three days.

Back to the end tables: I wasn’t sure about what color I should paint them, so I asked family and friends for color suggestions. The majority vote was white, and white they became!

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Will it bore you if I tell you (again) how fun it is to see all the beautiful things you do? You are amazing. And besides that, you and your honeypie are the cutest ever!! xoxo

    1. I just love you! I'm so glad that you like to see all of this :)


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